ZENCHROMA – Universal Composite Opaquer Refill


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Zenchroma is a light-curing microhybrid and ultrafine radiopaque filler with the talent to provide high color adaptation to every shade of tooth to which it is applied.


Zenchroma has colour-imitation ability to 16 VITA classical shades with just one shade of composite. It can adapt the shade by imitate the cavity wall surrounding in which applied tooth. Therefore, Zenchroma, eliminates the shade taking procedure, allows minimize dentist’ treatment time, reduces the composite inventory in different shades, and it eliminates the wastage of very often unused composite shades and shade-matching procedures.

Zenchroma is available in syringes and compules. The compules are for single use. Please do not reuse them, as this makes it impossible to rule out contamination and germ formation.


Glass powder, diurethane dimethacrylate, silicon dioxide, Bis-GMA, tetramethylene dimethacry late.

75% by weight (53% by volume) inorganic filler (0.005-3.0µm)


  • Direct anterior and posterior restorations in Black’s classes I, II, III, IV and V cavities.
  • Inlays, onlays and laminate veneers
  • Extended fissure sealing in molars and premolars
  • Splinting loose teeth
  • Adjusting the contours and shades to improve aesthetics


Before commencing the treatment, clean the tooth with non-fluoride polishing paste. Apply the Zenchroma to cavity using with layering technique.


  • Esthetic results
  •  Reduced treatment time
  • Increased efficiency
  • Reduce waste on seldom used shades
  • Transparency of> 8%
  • Perfect shade match between filling and tooth
  • Different colors create an overall color impression
  • Shade easily adapts to natural tooth structure

    OPAQUER: Suplamentery Material

    At the Class III and IV restorations when there is limited surrounding dentition, We recommend to use Zenchroma with OPAQUER which is it’s supplementary material. The function of OPAQUER is reducing the shade-matching which caused by cavity of the mouth.


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