Umbrella Tongue Lip and Cheek Retractor


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The Umbrella cheek retractor is ideal for a variety of procedures that require clear access without compromising patient comfort, including but not limited to: in-office whitening, scanning, impressions, bite registrations, surgical procedures, and more.

  • Developed to give you a clear treatment field while making patient comfort a top priority
  • Easy to place
  • Disposable
  • Naturally and gently helps the patient hold their mouth open without pulling or stretching their lips
  • A new, innovative tongue-retraction design allows the tongue to comfortably rest behind the tongue guard, keeping it back and away from the working area
  • Designed with anatomically placed/shaped bumpers, so clinicians can rest a hand on the patient’s mouth without causing discomfort
  • Provides relief and comfort to gaggers—it doesn’t initiate the gag reflex for most
  • Can be kept in place when checking bite
  • Available in sizes Medium and Large (if unsure which size is appropriate for your patient, use Large)


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