UltraCal™ XS KIT

 4,246.00  3,820.00

30%–35% Calcium Hydroxide Paste

  • 4 x 1.2 ml UltraCal XS syringes
  • 20 x NaviTip tips (Assorted 29 ga – 5 of each length)


  • UltraCal XS calcium hydroxide paste is a uniquely formulated calcium hydroxide paste that is both aqueous and radiopaque, with a high pH (12.5). It is recommend to use the larger 29 ga NaviTip tip for predictable flow, enabling direct placement. UltraCal XS paste can be thoroughly removed from the canal using Ultradent Citric Acid and a NaviTip FX tip.Second-visit protocol with an intertappointment medication with calcium hydroxide resulted in improved microbiological status of the root canal system when compared with a single-visit protocol.1
    • Radiopaque
    • High pH
    • Superior at delivery control


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