TheraCem Refill

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Self-Adhesive Resin Cement

TheraCem is a dual-cured, calcium and fluoride-releasing, self-adhesive resin cement indicated for luting crowns, bridges, inlays, onlays and posts (prefabricated metal/non-metal/fiber posts).

Delivering a strong bond to Zirconia and most substrates, along with easy clean-up and high radiopacity, TheraCem offers the clinician a reliable and durable cementation of indirect restorations.


Unique Benefits:

  • Continuous calcium and fluoride release1
  • Transitions from acidic to alkaline pH in minutes2
  • Contains MDP, allowing for a strong bond to zirconia, metal, and alumina substrates without the use of a primer.
  • Specially formulated to allow for quick and easy clean-up
  • A high degree of conversion ensures a higher physical strength
  • Easy to identify on radiographs for quick and effective diagnosis
  • Easy auto-mix, dual-syringe provides a consistent mix for immediate delivery


Clinical Significance:

  • Delivers a strong bond to zirconia and most substrates with no priming or etching required


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