TheraCal PT (4g)

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Dual-Cured Resin-Modified Calcium Silicate Pulpotomy Treatment
TheraCal PT is a biocompatible, dual-cured, resin-modified calcium silicate designed for pulpotomy treatment. TheraCal PT maintains tooth vitality by performing as a barrier and protectant of the dental pulpal complex.

Working Time: Minimum 45 seconds at 35°C
Setting Time: Maximum 5 minutes at 35°C

  • Calcium Release*
    Unique hydrophilic matrix facilitates calcium release
  • Alkaline pH*
    Alkaline pH at 7 days
  • Radiopaque*
    Easy identification and differentiation from recurrent decay and other restorative materials
  • Easy Syringe Application
    No mixing by hand
  • Dual-Cured
    One-layer confidence
  • Moisture Tolerant*
    Low water solubility

Clinical Significance:
The chemical formulation of TheraCal PT consists of synthetic Portland Cement calcium silicate particles in a hydrophilic matrix which facilitates calcium release.*


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