FG GW 557 – 13091


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Tackle your toughest material cutting challenges and save time with the multi-functional performance of Great White® carbide burs. Great White burs cut all hard materials smoothly, making the treatment procedure an easier experience for your patient and reducing rotary bur inventory in your office.

Consider your rotary bur inventory; doctors who once used multiple carbides to remove crowns have reported using one Great White® carbide bur to remove two to three crowns, saving time and inventory costs and streamlining bur ordering.

By increasing dentates and incorporating enhanced blade geometry, the Great White® bur cuts more efficiently than a straight-bladed bur. They will not catch, grab or stall.

A study conducted at the University of Maryland confirms that SS White® 557 burs are 84.67% stronger than Midwest® Standard 557 Burs.*


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