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Fissurotomy® instruments allow early diagnosis, conservative preparation and treatment of hidden fissure caries, often without the use of anesthesia.  Developed in collaboration with Temple University, the Fissurotomy® bur head shape allows conservative exploration of fissures with a patient-friendly technique that is virtually pain-free and creates an ideal cavity form. You can explore and restore in just 3-5 minutes.

A Clinical Scenario: Watch and Wait or Explore and Restore?

The occlusal fissure of this molar looks suspicious for a carious lesion because of subsurface staining and decalcification; but the explorer does not ‘stick’, indicating a lesion, and there is no x-ray evidence of such. However, radiographs do not detect all occlusal lesions. Enamel thickness can be deceptive.

You’re still suspicious. A cross section of the same tooth would confirm your suspicion. It clearly shows the lesion deep in the enamel.

Solution: Fissurtomy® is ideally designed for the ultraconservative pit/fissure exploration of adult molars, primary teeth & adult premolars, enameloplasty and improved sealant retention.

Why use Fissurtomy® to explore and restore?

Tip of bur is smaller and more conservative than 1/4 round
Fine carbide tip will not strip quickly like thin diamonds
Virtually pain free to the DEJ… in most cases no anesthesia is needed
Ideal cavity preparation form for a flowable composite
Cleaner, more controlled and less costly than air abrasion
Multiple bur tip sizes to suit adult and deciduous teeth


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